Spotify (Un)Wrapped 2019

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I’m sure if you listen to music on your phone or on the Internet at all, you’ve seen Spotify Wrapped 2019, the review of your year in music. So what was our first impressions of the Spotify Wrapped this year? The transformation that Spotify has made from what used to be called “Year In Music” to Spotify Wrapped has proved captivating and useful to say the least. The feature became available in 2014, delivered via email.

Spotify Wrapped

You just had some simple statistics about your listening habits. Now fast forward to 2016, Wrapped is way more interactive now.  You get to see your own listening habits, but at the same time you get information in the form of playlists. They are automatically created for you. “The Ones That Got Away” is one of the most popular Spotify created playlists from Spotify Wrapped. It was interesting that Spotify presented your listening habits that you had during that calendar year broken into seasons. Spotify presents the information neatly on the mobile phone and online on their website. 

If anybody’s a fan of design, you will appreciate that Spotify took extra steps in displaying all this information in a beautiful visual manner. The information itself is fascinating, but the way the Spotify Wrapped team designed it with the vibrant colors and the construction of the playlist for you. It’s been very interesting to see the time and investment that Spotify put into this. 

Social Success

Spotify Wrapped has acted as free advertising, because everybody is talking about it on social media whether you’re on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  Currently my laptop has the Spotify Wrapped 2017 pulled up, where they just had a simple backdrop right with holiday themed colors. It feels like year after year, Spotify takes their design to the next level. The Spotify Wrapped release has started becoming an event that is anticipated. It’s always great to have something to look forward to as an app user. 

At the end of the year, to be able to reflect on the year prior is important. The nostalgia that everybody yearns for is  packaged as playlists that can be shared and interacted with on the Spotify platform. We can only assume that Spotify has other ideas like Wrapped that may see the light of day soon due to the success of Spotify Wrapped.

Tuner Inc will continue to offer up to date analysis on Spotify Wrapped into the future, onward to 2020!

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