Powerful Cognitive Experiences Will Illicit Unimaginable Innovation

Brassroots Powerful Cognitive Experiences

Powerful Cognitive Experiences

The wonders of modern technology allow everyone to create cognitive experiences that illicit joy and happiness while being productive in the forward push towards innovation. At Tuner Inc we embody this thematic in the construction of our flagship app Brassroots. We serve clients who are looking to improve their businesses and lives. Great experiences are one of the core tenants that make the human life unimaginably inspiring for ourselves and the future of the species itself.

There have been many companies, applications, and places that empower the spirit of the user/customer through a positive cognitive experience that has lifetime value; we will highlight a few that stand out and inspire us constantly. Apple, Walt Disney, and Spotify are examples of entities which provide powerful positive cognitive experiences to a wide variety of people by their capitalization of inspiring innovation. Tuner seeks to mimic the inspiring innovation of these companies by democratizing music streaming along with the distribution networks for music content, allowing artists, listeners, and fans alike to take part in a musical innovation for the masses. 


Steve Jobs and the early success of Apple Inc, was an inspiration to everyone that fell slightly outside any preordained systemized constraints. The motto “Think Different” embodied the power of innovation Apple was bringing to the world as well as the powerful cognitive experience of feeling apart of a revolution larger than oneself. The digital economy created by Steve Jobs should be documented as one of the single largest contributions to the ideal of innovation since the origination of the Internet itself. By creating products useable by everyone across America and a systemized marketplace for developers to centralize their applications, Jobs opened up the creativity in millions of people’s minds while promoting innovation for the greater good.

Jobs through his work allowed for the creator in all of us to emerge digitally through the Apple Computer and apps on the Apple App Store marketplace. Apple’s work has lead to the rise of apps with enriched cognitive experiences that connect the user, their friends, and people of the world. The building blocks of these Apple products is of course the widely accessible operating systems including the flagship IOS throughout the history of the Apple product lines. A key reason why Apple’s phones are able to produce many layers of powerful cognitive experiences are the user interfaces that allow anyone from any age group to instantly pickup the phone and know inherently what they are doing.

Steve Jobs was able to tap into many features/habits we all share as humans and bake that down to the design of the iPhone and the operating system itself.  Tuner Inc, a Garland, Texas bred company, would certainly not be able to produce the democratization of music streaming via Brassroots if Steve Jobs did not lay the framework and lore for young adults like us to think creatively to our fullest extent to get the most out of our life on Earth. 

The Walt Disney Company

The late Walt Disney was a master of detail; from Disney movies to their flagship parks every small detail brings upon a sensory or nostalgic reaction to the onlooker. The reason The Walt Disney Company stands as the top content creator and a destination for over 52 million people today is their ability to story tell in a high quality consistent fashion. There is no doubt that movies such as the Little Mermaid or Pinocchio which were masterfully crafted in the 1940s, are still relevant today due to their innate ability to tap into human emotions and archetypal themes that are common across generations. People long for nostalgic positive cognitive memories that still relay value for where they currently stand in life.

The Disney brand has cultivated the human cognitive experience so well that it has never met a border it could not cross. When watching a Disney movie or visiting a Disney Park you remember all the great memories previously made, but also are able to relate those to your current situation, which is the positive cognitive feedback loop that brings value to people’s lives and the Disney bottom line. Humans long for high quality memories, if the stimulus of detail in a Park or movie can illicit this you will continue to come back for decades and likely pass that tradition down to the next generation.

There are core powerful cognitive experiences that are inherently enjoyable, through well crafted long lasting characters and fantasy worlds such as Mickey Mouse or the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney was able to transcend time and deliver those experiences to the masses. Characters that are outside our everyday realm hold a nearly heavenly aura around them that allows people of any time period to relate to them and draw meaning from their lessons or motives.

The nature of story building is mirrored by our predecessors throughout history. Stories and more importantly ideas are the engine that bring positive experiences which connect every human being to one another regardless of their life or geographic circumstance. Creating ideas that have repeatable and evolutionary value will undoubtedly stand the test of time by making people’s life better through positive experience.


Music has brought people, tribes, and ideas together since the dawn of humanity. In modern times Spotify has reached toward the peak of musical cognitive experiences by widely distributing music from around the world to anyone via their smart phone. Spotify has done this by allowing anyone from any corner of the globe to be immersed cognitively in the innately human experience of creating and listening to music. The most sacred moments throughout history are usually paired with music that brings certain emotions to the forefront.

Music can shape perception in a powerful notion that very few other mediums can match. You will never find someone that doesn’t enjoy music; it is almost as if our brains have been evolutionary shaped to allow music and the ideas it generates within ourselves to seep through the noise and suffering of daily life. Spotify in a stroke of genius played off this powerful medium by utilizing modern technology to harness the full effect that music could rain down over the inhabitants of the world.

As a business there is no market cap that can value the intrinsic benefits that Spotify has brought to the world and the resultant cultural immersion that ensued from democratizing the music industry. Spotify has brought people together through one of the most ancient human traditions of listening to music. Tuner Inc. seeks to take the next step, rather than democratizing the music through a vast catalogue open to the world, we seek to connect people via the medium of music. Being able to share music and the feelings it created within you, should be as easy as a text message.

Spotify has indubitably laid the ground work for the reach the medium of music can have across the world via a smartphone. We at Tuner Inc, believe we can raise the bandwidth between the music and the connectivity of people throughout the world. By joining people’s live sessions the bandwidth of the musical cognitive experience can be brought to a peak between the listener, friends, and the world. The future of music is collaborative in nature, just has it had been for the prior 20,000 years before the invention of the record label. We at Tuner Inc via the Brassroots app, will illicit positive powerful cognitive experiences to be brought upon by the modern marvels of technology with collaborative music streaming, in hopes of empowering individuals and the communal experience.

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